About Steph

Like many before her, Steph Ruopp is a human. In her title of human, she serves as a writer, yoga instructor, educator, special needs caregiver, nanny and dog walker. She’s been around long enough to start a phrase with the words, “Thirty years ago I,” and finish the phrase with something that happened in her adult life. So she’s seen some things. And done some things. And yeah, she has regrets.

In terms of writing, she’s dipped her toes and sometimes her entire foot into blogging, fiction, creative non-fiction, copywriting, screenwriting and hieroglyphics. (The hieroglyphics part is not true, thus proving that she writes fiction.) Writing has been the one consistent thread in her ever wavering life. She might even say that it’s the thread that’s held it all together, though that may well be fiction too.

Regardless, if it’s a freelance writer you’re seeking, she’s open for business.

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