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The Yamas – Breaking Down The First Limb Of Yoga

In the simplest of terms, yoga is like a tree comprised of eight limbs. Each one of these limbs represents a different level of the practice.

The yamas and niyamas comprise the first and second limbs respectively and are ethical precepts that apply to how one relates to oneself and to society. By the most essential definition, the yamas are restraints while the niyamas are observances.

In a nutshell, the yamas are as listed below :

  • Ahimsa – non-violence
  • Satya – truth
  • Asteya – non-stealing
  • Brahmacharya – continence
  • Aparigraha – non-attachment

Seems pretty cut an dry, right? Avoid these things, behave yourself and you’re golden.

Except we all know that it’s not that easy. If it were, we’d live in a world free of horrible things like assault rifles, child brides and TMZ.

Let me explain them as I understand them. I’ll keep it simple.

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Winter trees.

What I’ve Learned From Depression… And Ram Dass

“You can be still and still moving. Content even in your discontent.”     – Ram Dass

Over a decade ago, I was visiting Portland, Oregon when I saw a flyer advertising that Ram Dass was in town and speaking that night. It felt like one of those special deliveries from the universe. My exposure to Ram Dass at that point had been some older interviews and his indisputably trippy book, “Be Here Now.” I was geeked at the idea of being able to see and hear him in person, though I knew he’d had a stroke and had no illusion that he would be the vibrant soul I’d seen in interviews.

The joke was on me.

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