I’m Not Willy Wonka

This guy is also not Willy Wonka.

Some time back, in great hopes of contributing to this blasted blog on a weekly basis, I sought out sayings that I found amusing. I pored through various websites that purported to have cultivated the best in witticisms. It’s fair to say they were inaccurate in their assertions. But I did manage to cull perhaps two dozen sayings that at least brought a smile to my face while allowing me to waste a good hour of time that could have been better spent writing on this blog.

Anyhow, it was my hope that collecting these sayings and putting them into a document would magically spark some sort of creative flame. But hope is foolish. And I should have known better. I labeled the document “Wednesday sayings” and proceeded to place it on my desktop where were it an apple or other perishable food item, it would have rotted months ago.

The thing is, I know damn well that’s not how creativity works. I’ve known it for quite some time now. A few decades, at least. Yet, I seem continually intent on trying to outsmart the wily muse. Plus, I cut way back on my drinking years ago and a dogged anxiety disorder prohibits me from ingesting caffeine or marijuana without unpleasant consequences. So what else do I have? But come now. Is this really the time to judge me? If you’re a creative type, admit it. You’re probably still engaged in the same futility from time to time. So why am I telling you all of this? Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe I’m a little nervous. It’s been a while since I walked out onto this stage. But here I am.

I guess this is my premiere. There will be no sequins. And I won’t be channeling my inner diva. She’s been out of commission since this whole virus thing started anyhow. Something about poor lighting and not enough spectators. I don’t know. One thing I do know is that the last six months have taught me a whole slew about meditation, intention, and gratitude – all three of which I practice with relish at least 71% of the time. (To be clear, I engage in these practices 100% of the time now. It’s the relish that comes in at 71%.) Thus, every Wednesday for the foreseeable future, it is my intention to sit down to meditate on one of those humorous sayings, write something that pertains to it, and feel gratitude that the whole process is over. Or something like that.

Now you may be asking, what’s with the whole Willy Wonka thing in the title? I mean, clearly I’m not Willy Wonka. The last six months would have been a lot more exciting, not to mention fictional, if I were. Nope. The Willy Wonka reference is actually part of the amusing saying that was at the top of my list today. The whole saying goes like this:

“I don’t sugarcoat shit. I’m not Willy Wonka.”

It’s a sentiment that’s close to my heart and one I’m considering embroidering on my pillow. So maybe you’re getting a sense of what’s to come in the next several weeks, months, years. But don’t be too presumptuous. Because if it weren’t so interminable and likely to result in carpal tunnel syndrome, I’d also embroider the following saying on my pillow:

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Want to change the world?
There’s nothing to it

There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination
Living there you’ll be free
If you truly wish to be

So no. I’m definitely not Willy Wonka. But sometimes I wish I were.

See you next week.

It’s Been Too Damn Long

I recognize that I don’t have a bevy of followers champing at the bit awaiting my return to this blog. Not yet, at least. And I am certain there will be no festivities or songs written for the occasion. But you never know. My husband may take it upon himself to dash out a clever ditty on his guitar tonight. Which, quite frankly, could happen.

But for those of you who have even the mildest interest in the roller coaster workings of my mind as of late I am going to attempt to craft writings of some sort of significance each Wednesday. Significant to whom? That remains to be seen. Furthermore, you’ll notice how I said I was going to “attempt” this, so as to be completely non-committal. So now you know what you can expect of me. Don’t say you weren’t warned. See you tomorrow.


What the Hell is Life Coaching?

That’s what I asked when I first heard the term 20 years ago. Actually, if I’m being honest, dodgeball-429621_640the actual question I posed was, “What the hell kind of bullshit is life coaching?”

To me, a coach was a whistle-blowing gym teacher with too much swagger to fill his or her chronically ill-fitting shorts, yelling at me for getting nailed in the face with a dodge ball.

And what sort of person could be so audacious as to believe they could coach someone else on their life? It all left a bad taste in my mouth.

Why Would Anyone Want to Be a Life Coach?

I’ve been through lot of therapy since that sweeping judgment 20 years ago. I know the power of support through communication. And though life coaching is NOT therapy, I’ve given it a lot more thought. I’ve also given it a lot more time and money – both in becoming a life coach, as well as having one. And these experiences have, as you might expect, changed my perspective. What I see now is the tremendous value of life coaching.

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