Monthly Archives: September 2020

It’s Been Too Damn Long

I recognize that I don’t have a bevy of followers champing at the bit awaiting my return to this blog. Not yet, at least. And I am certain there will be no festivities or songs written for the occasion. But you never know. My husband may take it upon himself to dash out a clever ditty on his guitar tonight. Which, quite frankly, could happen.

But for those of you who have even the mildest interest in the roller coaster workings of my mind as of late I am going to attempt to craft writings of some sort of significance each Wednesday. Significant to whom? That remains to be seen. Furthermore, you’ll notice how I said I was going to “attempt” this, so as to be completely non-committal. So now you know what you can expect of me. Don’t say you weren’t warned. See you tomorrow.